Isaacs & Isaacs

I worked with Darryl Isaacs on his superbowl commercial that aired in Louisville / Kentuckiana markets in 2013.

Premise: Darryl Isaacs, also known as “The Hammer”, is a well known auto, truck, and injury attorney who operates in the Kentuckiana area. He has served for 25 years and has a 99% success rate on cases. He has recovered over $1 billion in damages for his clients.

Work: I developed the idea for the Super Bowl spot, then brought Darryl Isaacs into my green screen studio and filmed his lines. He was then keyed out and placed in a totally CGI Environment, a real-world location here in Louisville. I simulated a car crash using a variety of different methods, then rendered out the spot with Mental Ray. As the sole person working on this video, I animated, rendered, and composited all shots.

Challenges: A heavy workload for a single person, with an immovable broadcast date deadline. The scenes were very complex and took a long time to render, necessitating the need to rent and manage a render farm to finish the spot in time.

Project: Super Bowl Commercial
Client: Isaacs & Isaacs
Output: 720p Video for Television


  • CGI

  • Animation

  • Simulation

  • Rendering

  • Compositing

  • Editing

  • Video Production