Kentucky Kingdom

I worked with Kentucky Kingdom on a Grand Re-Opening Promo Spot.

Premise: Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay is Louisville’s biggest and best theme & water park. The 63-acre park includes a collection of amusement rides and two water parks. The park was shut down in 2012, and after a 2 year dormancy, was revamped and re-opened again in 2014, where it now thrives once more.

Work: I took an existing clip of a roller coaster on a different background, rotoscoped it, and made it burst through the white background wall. I also took their 2D Logo and converted it to 3D.

Challenges: Rotoscoping an object as intricate and complex as a roller coaster.

Project: Kentucky Kingdom Promo Spot
Client: Kentucky Kingdom
Output: 720p Video for TV


  • Motion Graphics

  • Rendering

  • Compositing