I worked with WDRB News to develop a motion graphics bundle of their leadup coverage to the 2017 Kentucky Derby.

Premise: WDRB News is a Fox-Affiliated television station broadcasting in Louisville, Kentucky. They produce 57 1/2 hours of newscasts each week, the highest amount of all television stations in the Louisville market.

Work: I developed a series of looping background videos, intro and outtro clips of a specified length, and other assets to help them brand their Derby coverage that year. The assets were created in Maya, rendered with V-Ray and composited in After Effects.

Challenges: Short turnaround time and successive revisions necessitated creative rendering tricks to render the shots out before the deadline.

Project: Countdown to Derby 2017
Client: WDRB News
Output: 720p Video for Television


  • CGI

  • Motion Graphics

  • Rendering

  • Compositing

  • Editing