Bowlbo the Quest for Bing Bing

I’m working with Oneyware on the upcoming game Bowlbo The Quest for Bing Bing.

Premise: A bowl-cut child watches his canine companion get kidnapped by a sinister witch, and now must run, jump, slide, twirl, and punch his way through the lands of Wesfa to save his beloved Bing Bing! A 2.5D momentum-based platformer with a distinct claymation style.

Work: I’m responsible for developing most of the character rigs on the project so far, and animating many of the characters, including Bowlbo.

Challenges: The game’s art style is a 3/4 profile view, which means developing a mirrored animation pipeline, whereby complex character animations facing right are automatically mirrored to face left.

Game: Bowlbo the Quest for Bing Bing
Studio: Oneyware
Engine: Unity


  • Character Animation

  • Rigging

  • TD