Shoulders of Giants, by Moving Pieces Interactive, was released yesterday on the Epic Store.

This colorful, frenetic sci-fi roguelike has you controlling an unlikely duo: A frog mounted on a giant mech-type robot. Supporting up to four-player coop, you and your friends are dropped onto a procedurally generated planet, with the goal to cleanse it of a malignant dark entity that’s corrupting it. Doing so generates “heat”, and gathering enough heat lets you take on a planetary boss fight!

Rock Paper Shotgun called it “way better than it has any right to be” and “unapologetically creative”. It’s always nice to work on a game that not only is a fun concept, but ends up being a great game in the end too!

Man of Motion rigged and animated the frog and robot duo’s moveset, as well as a rigged + skinned number of cosmetics. Source files were passed onto the client for further animation work.