Smiling Friends

I worked with Princess Pictures to Rig and Animate a 3D Character for Smiling Friends

Premise: Smiling Friends is Adult Swim’s newest animated series.  In this zany world, a small charity called The Smiling Friends is dedicated to making people smile, by any means necessary.  The first season has received both critical acclaim, and broken records for the most-watched pilot in Adult Swim’s history.  

Work: While primarily 2D Animated, certain sequences in Smiling Friends do feature 3D Animated Characters.  The most complex of these took place in the Season 1 finale, with the character of Satan.  I was hired to rig and weight Satan’s model in Maya, animate a large part of his appearance in the episode, and construct a lossless bridge between Maya and Blender.  

Challenges: The television industry is infamous for its tight production schedule, and this show certainly lived up to that.  My timetable for rigging and animating my portion of Satan was 3 days.  Pulling it off that quickly requires a finely honed rigging and animation pipeline.  In addition, a fast and agile link between Maya and Blender had to be constructed, in order to send the finished animated Maya files over to Blender to be rendered for the show.  

Show: Smiling Friends
Studio: Princess Pictures


  • Character Animation

  • Rigging